Since my last post I have been working on my own work which was inspired by the group presentation. I have stuck with the idea of mixing sportswear from different sports. I have mainly focused on fox hunting/polo/golf/horse riding and football/swimming/cycling. I have gathered a lot of research from images of tweed jackets I took in a local charity shop to garments from the runways which will inspire my designs. I haven’t started my designs yet, I am gathering as much research as possible to start with then I can focus on the style of illustration I want to use then create designs.

A main focus on this idea is that a lot of sportswear is not actually worn for sports, for example riding boots are now a fashion boot with hundreds of people wearing them who have never ridden a horse in their life. Other examples are jogging bottoms which a lot of people, including myself, wear as comfy clothes around the house, tweed jackets worn as an everyday coat, football shirts worn by fans as an everyday t-shirt. Designers have already taken on this point like juicy couture, Adidas and Chanel with their tweed designs meant for a classic lady-like look but I want to mix different sports together and create a different look.


Week 1


Well we presented our Powerpoint presentation on Wednesday and I think it went really well. The tutors seemed positive and I think they liked the idea. We focused on A/W 2011 which is just beforer the olympics so we decided to take sportswear and mix it up a bit. As there will be a lot of tourists visiting the UK we thought about the preconceived stereotypes they have of our culture and country  – Chavs vs. Upper Class.

Taking this idea we looked at traditional sportswear for the upper class -tweed jackets for fox hunting and mixed it with football elements like badges and numbers. So in effect we came up with tweed jackets which have numbers on the back and football badges on the front.

Another design idea was to add football boot studs onto the arch of over the top heeled shoes or making over the knee boots from tartan or tweed (both traditional British fabrics – which are also warm for the winter).

Using everyday sports as another starting point we took the idea of leotards/swimwear as fashion garments. People like Lady GaGa have already showed outfits using leotard shapes and I think she would be a great icon for this style. It’s taking the garment out of its original context and making it into something wearable for everyday life. Already a lot of people buy sportswear but don’t take part in sports itself, they use it as a fashion item.

The main colours we looked at for the trend would be the deep reds and greens and other colours typically used in tweed and tartan with highlights of white and bright colours taken from football badges.

Another reason I liked this idea was because it is cheaper to print onto garments than to add lots of detailing which is what a lot of designers will be looking at to save on costs as the recession continues.

Welcome to Second Year


So I have officially started second year and the new project is underway. To get back into the uni life we joined first and third years to create Pop-up shops which was quite interesting as it was something I hadn’t thought about before.

Then we were given our new brief – Think Tank. We are in groups for this first week where we have to research about how events, the economy and such, affects designs in fashion. I have found this quite interesting, so far I have discovered that designers will be using more prints within their designs as it is cheaper to produce, more and more companies are going online as the online sales rise while high street sales plummet, and how important it is to advertise clothing and different ways which are used.

This last point got me looking at bloggers and in particular, ‘Style Bubble’ and ‘Style Rookie’ (who is only 13) who are given clothes, accessories-basically anything because they will post photos of themselves wearing them and their readers will then go out and buy them (hopefully). This clearly is a good way to advertise designers and their clothes which is also why they are invited to all the fashion weeks throughout the world. In some cases designers have provided computer points in after-show parties so the bloggers they have invited will post their photos of the collections, give their opinion and provide up-to-date happenings of the world of fashion. This is something I want to research more and fashion promotion is something my group is going to look at for this project.



Evaluation of Laundry project.

I began with the idea of laundry baskets and all the differnt materials, texture and colours inside. My research looked at mixing materials and I also looked at designers who reuse old textiles to create new ones. My initial idea was to create over the top pieces which could be attatched to old clothes like detail to add to a dress strap. I liked the idea od it looking like it was a piece of DIY to revive old garments. After researching this I was stuck as to how to design these suce things and after speaking to one of my tutors I moved into the direction of belts. I had produced two denim samples which I really liked and decided to take them further and develop them into recycled denim belts.

I am pleased with how my project has turned out after a confusing start but feel it is successful and the swing tags i have produced also set my designs off well and I think my designs are suitable for the client I was targeting.

My fashion illustrations took a while to develop as I am used to typical drawing methods but after looking at other artists illustrations i have developed my syle and after a lot of hard work I am very please with their outcome. I feel they fit well within my project as they are a bit rough and not so perfect and show some sort of personality.

Overall I think my project has been successful and links to the brief well as my focus has been on making existing clothes life last longer by adding a new exciting belt and by using peoples old denim laundry to create new unique belts.

If I were to do the project again I think I would have researched more ideas before I stuck to one and maybe think about producing a full belt rather than samples.

Swing tags


Swing tags.









These are my final swing tags. I think they work well with my brand and the style of the belts i have designed.

Final Fashion Illustrations


Fashion illustration. Final drawings.









They don’t look amazing on here but these are my final designs/fashion illustrations. I like the way they are sketchy and feel they look a lot better now they have some sort of personality. I used Kate Moss as the basis for my drawings as she is a key figure I could imagin wearing my brand ‘Waist’.

Fashion Illustrations Take 1


Fashion illustration. Take 1.




These were my first attempts at fashion illustration for my project but they seem too perfect and styled so after speaking to my teacher and experimenting I created a personality for my figure and created some new illustrations. This helps to show what type of person would buy/wear my brand.

Swing Tag Images


Swing tags.








These are the images i am going to use on my swing tags. I have named my brand ‘Waist’ and will write this on a transparent piece of plastic which will show these images through. On the back I will write a short story of how the pieces of material were selected and reused to create these unique designs. The images are taken from photographs of my samples which i have photoshopped.



Martin Margiela.




So after speaking to my tutor I decided to change my project to focusing on belts using the denim samples I have already created. I liked how Margiela has used old clothes and materials to create one-off designs.



These are some sample prints I have done using manipulated denim. I made samples where I mixed zips and different parts of jeans then I simply printed with them onto paper.








In the end I decided not to use these as screen prints but to print directly onto fabric using the denim sample. I feel it’s a bit more DIY which is the style I’m going for.  I will try using these prints as the background to my fashion illustrations so I’ll post them when I’v experimented a bit!