Evaluation of Laundry project.

I began with the idea of laundry baskets and all the differnt materials, texture and colours inside. My research looked at mixing materials and I also looked at designers who reuse old textiles to create new ones. My initial idea was to create over the top pieces which could be attatched to old clothes like detail to add to a dress strap. I liked the idea od it looking like it was a piece of DIY to revive old garments. After researching this I was stuck as to how to design these suce things and after speaking to one of my tutors I moved into the direction of belts. I had produced two denim samples which I really liked and decided to take them further and develop them into recycled denim belts.

I am pleased with how my project has turned out after a confusing start but feel it is successful and the swing tags i have produced also set my designs off well and I think my designs are suitable for the client I was targeting.

My fashion illustrations took a while to develop as I am used to typical drawing methods but after looking at other artists illustrations i have developed my syle and after a lot of hard work I am very please with their outcome. I feel they fit well within my project as they are a bit rough and not so perfect and show some sort of personality.

Overall I think my project has been successful and links to the brief well as my focus has been on making existing clothes life last longer by adding a new exciting belt and by using peoples old denim laundry to create new unique belts.

If I were to do the project again I think I would have researched more ideas before I stuck to one and maybe think about producing a full belt rather than samples.


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