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Welcome to Second Year


So I have officially started second year and the new project is underway. To get back into the uni life we joined first and third years to create Pop-up shops which was quite interesting as it was something I hadn’t thought about before.

Then we were given our new brief – Think Tank. We are in groups for this first week where we have to research about how events, the economy and such, affects designs in fashion. I have found this quite interesting, so far I have discovered that designers will be using more prints within their designs as it is cheaper to produce, more and more companies are going online as the online sales rise while high street sales plummet, and how important it is to advertise clothing and different ways which are used.

This last point got me looking at bloggers and in particular, ‘Style Bubble’ and ‘Style Rookie’ (who is only 13) who are given clothes, accessories-basically anything because they will post photos of themselves wearing them and their readers will then go out and buy them (hopefully). This clearly is a good way to advertise designers and their clothes which is also why they are invited to all the fashion weeks throughout the world. In some cases designers have provided computer points in after-show parties so the bloggers they have invited will post their photos of the collections, give their opinion and provide up-to-date happenings of the world of fashion. This is something I want to research more and fashion promotion is something my group is going to look at for this project.