Week 1


Well we presented our Powerpoint presentation on Wednesday and I think it went really well. The tutors seemed positive and I think they liked the idea. We focused on A/W 2011 which is just beforer the olympics so we decided to take sportswear and mix it up a bit. As there will be a lot of tourists visiting the UK we thought about the preconceived stereotypes they have of our culture and country  – Chavs vs. Upper Class.

Taking this idea we looked at traditional sportswear for the upper class -tweed jackets for fox hunting and mixed it with football elements like badges and numbers. So in effect we came up with tweed jackets which have numbers on the back and football badges on the front.

Another design idea was to add football boot studs onto the arch of over the top heeled shoes or making over the knee boots from tartan or tweed (both traditional British fabrics – which are also warm for the winter).

Using everyday sports as another starting point we took the idea of leotards/swimwear as fashion garments. People like Lady GaGa have already showed outfits using leotard shapes and I think she would be a great icon for this style. It’s taking the garment out of its original context and making it into something wearable for everyday life. Already a lot of people buy sportswear but don’t take part in sports itself, they use it as a fashion item.

The main colours we looked at for the trend would be the deep reds and greens and other colours typically used in tweed and tartan with highlights of white and bright colours taken from football badges.

Another reason I liked this idea was because it is cheaper to print onto garments than to add lots of detailing which is what a lot of designers will be looking at to save on costs as the recession continues.


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