Since my last post I have been working on my own work which was inspired by the group presentation. I have stuck with the idea of mixing sportswear from different sports. I have mainly focused on fox hunting/polo/golf/horse riding and football/swimming/cycling. I have gathered a lot of research from images of tweed jackets I took in a local charity shop to garments from the runways which will inspire my designs. I haven’t started my designs yet, I am gathering as much research as possible to start with then I can focus on the style of illustration I want to use then create designs.

A main focus on this idea is that a lot of sportswear is not actually worn for sports, for example riding boots are now a fashion boot with hundreds of people wearing them who have never ridden a horse in their life. Other examples are jogging bottoms which a lot of people, including myself, wear as comfy clothes around the house, tweed jackets worn as an everyday coat, football shirts worn by fans as an everyday t-shirt. Designers have already taken on this point like juicy couture, Adidas and Chanel with their tweed designs meant for a classic lady-like look but I want to mix different sports together and create a different look.


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